Community interest company

As of 1.12.23 we have become a CIC


From running a textile agency for 10 years supplying fabrics fashion companies to pursuing her other love the outdoors, Kate bridged the two by a stint in Galicia co running a smallholding nestled beside a forest.

She trained to be a Level 3 forest school leader and worked for several years with a South East London primary school delivering Forest school sessions to Reception to year 6 pupils and community based projects, she moved to Bruton in 2017 and continues sessions with local schools and has expanded to working with youth groups and adults.

She has a genuine love of seeing how quickly participants adapt to the outside, increasing their knowledge of the outdoor environment, acquiring new skills and gaining confidence in being in a natural setting.

She leads Forest school and Ecotherapysessions in local nurseries and schools, community projects and runs private after school clubs for early years to young adults as well as Ecotherapy for adults.

Kate is a Level 3 Forest school Practitioner, trained first aider and DBS checked.  

All helpers and volunteers are carefully chosen and are DBS checked.

In 2012 Kate received the gold award for best business vision 2012 by Brand Amplifier

Testimonials -

"Why is it called Forest School?  It should be called Forest Freedom!"

Bea and Edie 

"It was super-fun. I really liked it when we were making those miniature houses because we kept on adding stuff. Also, when we made our mobiles and with the fire making it was really fun because we were roasting marshmallows. And also it was really fun learning how to make fire with the flint and steel. When we did the clay models, basically, the whole of it was really fun."

Giles, aged 8

The Wild Ones Rule!

Harry, Father of Ellis 7

I know my children certainly enjoyed it! They came away pink cheeked and happy and full of stories about what they'd done. We'd certainly be interested in doing it again in summer hols and ideally for full days so that they can really get stuck in and get dirty!

Georgia, Mother of Beatrice 7, Jake 9

I just asked Ella and she said "every single thing was fantastic... My favourite bit was making the dream catcher". She really loved it as did Maddie whose language only extends to "yeeeeah" but that means good.

Jude, Mother of Ella 5, Maddie 2

Thank u for today it was amazing xxx

Sam, Mother of Micah 21 Months, Joshua 3 

I loved all of it

Poppy Age 5

My favourite thing was playing 

Theo 6

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